Jerangkang Waterfalls

Date: 22nd, 23rd and 24th May 2009
Location: Jerangkang Waterfalls, Maran, Pahang.
Participants: 25 pax (Alep, Intan, Fantony, Milie, Rizzal, Saiful, Halim, Omar, Suhaizal, Nia, Rahman, Allen, Jelly, Amin, Mar, Niza, Syuk, Idris, Tiqah, Micheal, Joko, Ainil, Peoz, Bob, Uzair)

* Pictures credits to Uzair, Peoz, Idris

MWAC Mount Liang report

Date: 8-10 May 2009
Venue: Gunung Liang, Tanjung Malim, Perak
Fees: RM60 (Tshirt, Accomodation, Meals, Transportation, Pick-Up)

8th May 2009 Friday
17:00 : Monash to KL Sentral
20:30 : Train to Tanjung Malim

9th May 2009, Saturday
00:00 : Arrival at Tanjung Malim Train Station
01:00 : Pickup to the Starting Point
02:00 : Arrival at the Starting Point
07:30 : Start trekking
16:00 : Arrival at the Campsite
20:00 : Dinner, Taaruf
23:00 : Self Meditation aka sleep. duh!

10th May 2009, Sunday
06:00 : Breakfast
07:00 : Trekking to the Peak
09:00 : Arrive at the Peak
10:00 : Trekking back to the Campsite
18:00 : Back to the Starting Point
21:30 : Last Bus to Kuala Lumpur
23:00 : Arrival at Kuala Lumpur
23:30 : KL to Sunway11 May 2009, Monday
00:30 : Arrive at Sunway
01:00 : Home
01:30 : (Not applicable to Enginnering students) Work the ass off to finish Genetics lab book, Microbiology lab report, Biochemistry lab report. Good luck with this people! haha.
*subject to change. MWAC will not be held responsible for any discrepancy.

*tentative credits to ARC UIAM

Male Participant:

1. Halim
2. Rizzal
3. Alen
4. Uzair
5. Alep
6. Rahman

Female Participant:
1. Nia

*pictures credit to Uzair

MWAC Jerangkang waterfall report

22rd May 2009 (Friday)
11 pm: Meet in Monash University / Sunway College Foyer

23rd May 2009 (Saturday)
12 am: Depart from Kuala Lumpur 5.00 am: Arrive at Maran, Pahang 7.00 am: Start scale trekking from starting point to the campsite
12.00 pm: Reach the campsite at Jerangkang Waterfall & Abseiling activity at the waterfall

24th May 2009 (Sunday)
10.30 am: Start trekking back to the base
1.30 pm: Arrive at the base
2.00 pm: Start journey back to Kuala Lumpur
6.00 pm: Arrive at Kuala Lumpur
7.00 pm: Arrive in Sunway

Checklist Personal medication (IMPORTANT)
Sleeping bag & Rubber mat (highly recommended to ensure a good night sleep)
Enough clothes for 2 days
Extra food (optional)
Insect repellent (optional)
Torch light