wall climbing week 6

wall Climbing (week 6)

Event    : Wall climbing
Date      :26th august 2010 (thursday)
venue    : Exterem Park Shah Alam, Selangor
Time    : 5pm
Price    : RM 20 (including insurance)
expected participant: 20 people

Program tentative

5.00pm  gather at Monash shuttle bustop
5.30pm  depart from Monash
6.00pm  arrive at Extreme Park Shah Alam
6.10pm  group introduction and briefing from trainer
6.30pm  start climbing

9.00pm  stop the activity
9.15pm  going back to Monash
9.45pm  arrive at Monash, dismiss


1. shoes are provided
2. wear suitable attire (No jeans)
3. rope, harness etc will be provided by the trainer

* If you guys are interested,kindly email your details (name, student id, hp number) to the project manager Rose Nazihah (
naziha_isa@yahoo.com) as soon as possible because place are limited.

here are some reminder for those who would like to join wall climbing acitivities.

-pay RM10 deposit for reservation

-if you guys want to make a cancellation you have to find your replace since the deposit is no refundable

**ATTENTION to all the participant who want join this activity, if you guys have your own transportation (car) and if you want to volunteer to car pool, please let me know as soon as possible since we will go there by car pooling.

Paintbal Activity

Paintball activity at Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Sri Alam, Shah Alam.

Events Details
Date                                 : 4th September 2010 (Saturday, one day activity)      
Venue                               : Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Sri Alam, Shah Alam         
Estimated participants   : 30 students
Transportation                 : Car pool
Estimated cost                    : RM 124 (including transportation, food  and fees(deposit RM15)

2,45 pm:  Gather at meet up point (Monash University)
3.15 pm:  Depart to Shah Alam
3.35 pm:  Arrive at Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Sri Alam Paintball Park, Shah Alam
4.00 pm:  Start Paintball Fight                                                  
7.30 pm:  Dinner (food will be provided)
8.15 pm:  Continue paintball fight (night battle)
9.30 pm:  Arrive back at meet up point (Monash University)

* Description for night battle:
1.Armband (glow in the dark) will be provided
2. Field will be fill with lighting in every 5 minutes and campfire

(Items to be bring by the participant)
1. Extra ration
2. Towels
3. Change cloth

Kindly contact project manager
Nur Uzair Jais

for any queries 

**registration before 27August 2010 (RM15 deposit for reservation) 

Quad Biking

Date                                         : 18 September 2010 (Saturday)
Venue                                      : ATV Adventure Park, Kg Kemensah, Hulu Kelang  
Equipment                              :Prepared by ATV Adventure Park
Estimated Cost (per head)   :RM125 (including transportation and fees)
Activities                                 : Quad Biking Challenge

Program Tentative

8.30 am:  Gather at meet up point (Either Sunway University College or Monash University)
9.00 am:  Depart to ATV Adventure Park, Kg Kemensah, Hulu Kelang
9.30 am:  Arrive at ATV Adventure Park, Kg Kemensah, Hulu Kelang
10.00 am: Briefing by ATV provider
10.30 am: Off- road ride to the 7-tiers waterfall
11.00 am: Arrive at the waterfall, rest and photography session
11.30 am: Off-road ride to base camp
12.00 pm: Arrive at the base camp
12.30 pm: Lunch
2.00 pm: Arrive back at the meet point

(Items to be bring by the participant)
1.                  Extra rations
2.                  Towels
3.                  Extra clothes

Kindly contact Project Manager,
Hasanul Asyraf
For more information for this event

**Registration before 1ST SEPTEMBER 2010 ( first come first serve basis)**

So what are you guys waiting for??! sign up NOW! don't wait until the last minute otherwise there is no
place for you guys.. contact  the person incharge immediately!

MWAC - Your Adenture Starts Here

Frim Nature Walking

Events Details

Date                                    : 28 August 2010 (Saturday)
Venue                                  : Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), Kepong, Selangor    
Estimated Participants          : 20 club members
Equipment                           :Prepared by FRIM
Estimated Cost (per head)    :RM20 (including transportation and fees)
Activities                             : Canopy walk and jungle trekking

Program Tentative

8.00am    : Gather and depart from Monash University, Sunway
8.30am    : Arrive FRIM, Kepong
9.00am    : Registration and short briefing by FRIM
9.30am    : Canopy walk and Nature Walking
12.00pm  : Finish the jungle trekking and break
1.00pm    : Free activity
2.00pm    : Depart to Sunway
2.30pm    : Arrive Sunway
*Any changes will be informed to all participants

contact person incharge for registration or any queries

Person in charge        : Nor AzmieliaNorAzmay
Contact No.               : 013-4773592
Email                        :adventure@musa.monash.edu.my

*to email us please write "Frim Nature Waking" in the subject column of the email

Broga Hill Trip

*correction fees: RM12

Date: 14th AUGUST 2010
PRICE : RM12 per person

2.30am                   Gather at Monash University bus stop
2.45am                   Depart from Sunway
4.00am                   Reached Semenyih, warm up at the starting point
5.00am                   Reached Broga summit (breakfast, photo shoot rest, sleep & etc..)
7.45am                   Start climbing down
8.45am                   Reached starting point, car park
9.00am                   Rest and group photos
9.15am                   Head back to Sunway, PJ
10.15am                Arrive at Monash University and Goodbye!

Important Gears & Equipments
1) Headlamp / torchlight
2) Mineral water
3) Suitable & comfortable shoes
4) Breakfast
5) Insect / mosquito repellent
6) Small towel
7) Bring your own breakfast, food, energy bar, chocolate & etc
8) DSLRs & digital camera :p
9) Compass for kiblah (for muslim)

Kindly contact
haRiz zulkaRnain
For more information for this event,thanks J

Skytrex Adventure

Feel bored? stress out with a lots of assignment?
Don't know how to overcome it? 

Skytrrex Adventure is BACK!!

Skytrex Adventure Park is located within Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Shah Alam. Travelling period is approximately aroud 30 minutes from Sunway City.
            SKYTREX Adventure provides an organized outdoor ‘eco-recreational cum educational’ activity which will take the participants from tree to tree via series of aerial obstacles suspended at 3 meters to 22 meters in the air. SKYTREX Adventure provides opportunity to enjoy jungle via the canopy. Participants are required to challenge their fear via crossing the hurdle from one tree to another tree. Before the activity is started, the officer would be explaining and demonstrating the methods and motivating the participants.

Date: 21st August 2010
Venue: Skytrex Adventure Park, Shah Alam    
Estimated Cost: RM60 including insurance
Estimated Participants    : 20 club members
Equipment    : Safety equipments provided by Skytrex Sdn. Bhd. (includes gloves, harness)
Deposit: RM10

Programs Tentative
8.00am Gather in front of Monash University Sunway Campus
08.30am Depart from the campus to Taman Pertanian Malaysia
09.10am Reach Taman Pertanian Malaysia. Take the shuttle bus provided and depart to Skytrex Adventure Park
09.40am Reach Skytrex Adventure Park.
10.00am Safety briefing, gears and equipment distribution, demonstration
10.30am Challenge begins
2.00pm Challenge ends for all participants.
2.15pm Depart back to Monash University Sunway Campus

*if you guys are interested,kindly contact this person.

Person in charge  : Muhammad Aminuddin Bin Mohd Jamil
Tel. no: 012-3433137
Email: blanc4peace@yahoo.com

there are a lot more activities coming soon, so keep update with your email


Manggis Tabur Hill Trip

Date: 7th August 2010
Day: Saturday
Destination: Tabur Hill, Gombak
Transportation: Car pool
Fees: RM 10

Bukit Tabur, or Tabur Hill, is a magnificent limestone ridge that is surprisingly, relatively unrecognized, despite being located in the immediate vicinity of Kuala Lumpur. The foot of the limestone ridge can be accessed through Taman Melawati, a residential area, at the entrance of the Klang Gates Dam. Bukit Tabur is also considered the longest crystal quartz outcrop in the world, making it a truly priceless geological wonder. As the ridge is pure rock, it supports a unique type of dry limestone forest characterized by vegetation and plants that grows on nutrient-poor areas in little soil or none. Climbing up the hill, visitors will be greeted by over 250 species of small coniferous-like trees, shrubs, creepers, orchids and moss. In fact, there are five endemic species of plants here, all of which are threatened by development and human activity. Also, beautiful crystal quartz formations that used to be seen along the trail have been chipped away by irresponsible visitors and climbers, eager for souvenirs.

Program Tentative
4:00 am: Gather at Monash University front gate
4:30 am: Depart from Sunway
5:15 am: Arrived at Tabur Hill, Gombak
5: 20 am: Gears & equipments check
5:30 am: Start climbing
6:30 am: Rest, watch sunrise, take photos
7:15 am: Breakfast
7:45 am: Start climb down
8: 45 am: Reach car park
9:00 am: Rest& group photos
9: 15 am: Head back to Sunway
10:15 am: Goodbye & see you in our next activities :)

Important Gears & Equipments
1) Headlamp / torchlight
2) Mineral water
3) Suitable & comfortable shoes
4) Breakfast
5) Insect / mosquito repellent
6) Gloves
7) Small towel
8) Bring your own breakfast, food, energy bar, chocolate & etc
9) DSLRs & digital cameras

For further details and information about this trip, please contact this person

Program manager: Muhyiddin Yaarop
Contact number: 017-2860553
E-mail: Yid98_kiddo@yahoo.com

Mount Ledang Expedition

Hello MWACkers.. have you planned for your holiday activities yet?
or you are still wondering what to do and where to go?

MWAC will gives you the best experience ever for your HOLIDAY!
we will having an EXPEDITION at MOUNT LEDANG, Sagil Tangkak,Johor

if you are interested, kindly look at the details below for further details.

Date: 2nd and 3rd July 2010
Venue: Gunung Ledang (Mount Ophir), Sagil, Johor
Estimated Participants: 30 Club Members
Equipment: Club Equipments (fly sheets, ground sheets,tents,opes, lanterns)
Estimated Cost: RM100 (including insurance)

what are you waiting for? SIGN UP now!! because the place are limited
kindly contact the project manager of this event and state your full name, student ID and phone number.

Person in charge: Nor Azmielia Nor Azmay
contact No: 013-4773592
Email: azmielia7988@yahoo.com

Event Tentative

2nd July (Friday)

4.00 pm : Gather and depart from Monash University,Sunway, final gadget checking
7.00 pm : Arrive Sagil, Johor - *registration, setting camps, dinner, prayer (for muslims)
9.00 pm : Short Briefing. free activities
10.00 pm : sleep

3rd July (Saturday)

5.00 am : wake up, prayer (for muslims), breakfast, preparation for hiking
7.00 am : start hiking
12.00 pm : arrived summit, lunch, photography session
1.00 pm : climb down
5.00 pm : arrived back to camping site, clean up, prayer (for muslims)
7.00 pm : Depart back to Bandar Sunway

footnote: any changes will be informed to all participant

MWAC End Of Semester Party

Hellooooo MWACers,

Are exams and assignments stressing you out?

Worry not, Monash Wild Adventure Club will be holding an 'End of Semester PARTY' to chill you guys with delicious Malaysian food, lucky draw, music and interesting games to be played during the party!

Below are the details of the party:-

Date: 24th May 2010 (Monday)
Time: 7.45pm-11pm
Venue: Monash University Sunway Campus (rooftop)
Fees: RM10(RM5 Refundable)
Contact: Siti Hairiah Rusli (019-981 5917) or wildmonash@gmail.com
Theme: Bright Colours (No black attire is allowed)

Kindly RSVP by the 18th May 2010 (Tuesday) in order for us to get a good estimation on how many people we will be providing for. This applies to non-members as well.

Do come and join the FUN with us :)

Past Activity | Water Rafting

Date : 1st to 2nd May 2010 (Week 8)
Location : Selangor River, Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor
Fees : RM 230

The extreme part

the participants

the path to the challenge

Get ready!

The Team!

The relaxation time~

The successful participant! :)

this is the first time MWAC had organize white water rafting. It was joyful and Awesome activity,
congrates to all participant and the project manager Amin Jamil

past activity | Pak San / Apeh hill trekking

Pak San Hill/Apeh Hill Hike
Proposed date : 18th April 2010 (Week 6)
Location : Selangor
Participants : 30 MWACkers
Fees :RM30
Project Manager: Ili Iryani
Contact: 013-9877053

The project manager

The track, the challenge

the relaxation time..

the refreshing!

the Mr. President

the participants

the nature~ the adventure~

overall this trekking was so fun with one incident that makes it really adventure 
:-p.. all of them was enjoyed themselves ..congrates to the new project manager :)

Paintball Activity week9

Days/Date:  8 May, Saturday
Location: Probably Tanamera Sg, Buloh or Commonwealth Park Rawang
Cost: RM100 per person (this only cover the painball game , the transportation and the insurance)
note: non-club members are required to pay extra RM 5 for registration.
Deposit: RM 20

Gears & Equipments
2.Change cloth
3.Thick and long sleeve cloth
4.Water bottle
5.Money for breakfast and lunch

Program manager: Qamarul Hafiz
Contact: 012-3714732

8th May 2010 (Saturday)
7.00 am: Gather at Monash Front Gate
7.30 am: Depart to paintball location
9.00 am: Arrive at and start playing
1.00 pm: Lunch
2.00 pm: Depart back to Monash
3.30 pm: Arrive in Monash

If you are interested you can click [here] select ‘attend’ on the event or you can email Qamarul [qmarul_bob@yahoo.com] or just call the project manager. Please also include your full name, student ID and contact number.

Rose '-'

MWAC T-Shirt Competition

Hi MWACkers,

Monash Wild Adventure Club is planning to have a new official t-shirt to replace the current official T-Shirt(the black one).
The T-Shirt will be used in our upcoming activities and to promote our club to the others. 
So, all MWAC members are welcomed to design our future T-Shirt and submit the design to us.

1. The full club name (Monash Wild Adventure Club) must be shown on the t-shirt
2. The words on the t-shirt must be cleat and visible (choose the right colour combination)
3.Any graphics related to the MWAC are welcomed but the simpler is better

Due date : 27th April 2010 (hurry!)

The winner of the competition is entitled to have a MYSTERY GIFT from MWAC,
So, unleash your creativity in designing MWAC T-Shirt and be the winner!

Lιfє ιS тσO Sнσят Tσ PяєTєиD уOυя SσмєOиє уOυя иOт
haRiz zulkaRnain