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Transportation from pickup point to camp site

The Waterfall

End of Semester Party

Mount Liang East West Hiking Trip Picture

Skytrex Adventure Pictures

Skytrex Adventure Trip

Feel bored? stress out with a lots of assignment?
Don't know how to overcome it?
Skytrrex Adventure is BACK!!

Skytrex Adventure Park is located within Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Shah Alam. Travelling period is approximately aroud 30 minutes from Sunway City. SKYTREX Adventure provides an organized outdoor ‘eco-recreational cum educational’ activity which will take the participants from tree to tree via series of aerial obstacles suspended at 3 meters to 22 meters in the air. SKYTREX Adventure provides opportunity to enjoy jungle via the canopy. Participants are required to challenge their fear via crossing the hurdle from one tree to another tree. Before the activity is started, the officer would be explaining and demonstrating the methods and motivating the participants.

Event Details
Date : 21 April 2011
Venue : Skytrex Adventure Park, Shah Alam   
Estimated Cost : RM70 including insurance
Estimated Participants : 17 club members
Equipment : Safety equipments provided by Skytrex Sdn. Bhd. (includes gloves, harness)

Programs Tentative
9.40am - Gather in front of Monash University Sunway Campus
10.00am - Depart from the campus to Taman Pertanian Malaysia
10.30am - Reach Taman Pertanian Malaysia. Take the shuttle bus provided and depart to Skytrex Adventure Park
10.50am - Reach Skytrex Adventure Park.
11.00am - Safety briefing, gears and equipment distribution, demonstration
11.30am - Challenge begins
2.00pm - Challenge ends for all participants.
2.30pm - Depart back to Monash University Sunway Campus
3.00pm - Safely arrive at Monash University Sunway Campus

‘Stuff to bring’ by participants
1.     Personal Medication (Important and to be notify to the committee or the event organizer)
2.     Insect repellent (optional)
3.     Suitable clothes
4.     Suitable shoes

If interested to join, please email your details (full name, contact number, emergency contact number, IC number / passport) to

Nature Walk at FRIM Kepong


After 3 weeks of extreme challenge, we will be going to FRIM for a leisure walk. It is basically walking around a jungle full of flora and fauna with a guide explaining about all the inhabitant of the forest. At the end of the trip, you will experience canopy walk that is guaranteed with spectacular view of the forest.

An insight on FRIM
Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) is located in Kepong Selangor. It takes less than 1 hour travelling by car. FRIM has become one of weekenders famous spot for nature exploration. Besides research activities, this institute also provides other out activities including jungle trekking and canopy walk. These are the main attraction for most visitors.

Basically, a guide will be provided for each group for the activity. This guide is general trained as they have to give excellent service for their non-stop visitors. There are three tracts that will be used which are DenaiSalleh, DenaiKeruing, and DenaiEngkabang. Safety measurement for canopy walk is always maintained by FRIM. The canopy walk will be closed if there it is raining. Another attraction will be the Botanical Garden and Museum which is also located inside the institute.

Date : 22 May 2011
Venue : Forest Research Institute Malaysia(FRIM), Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
Estimated participants : 20 participants.
Equiptment : FRIM equipment
Estimated cost : RM20 (transportation + fees)
Method of transportation :Car pool


16 April 2011

8.00am: Gather and depart from Monash University, Sunway
8.30am: Arrive FRIM, Kepong
9.00am: Registration and short briefing by FRIM
9.30am: Canopy walk and Nature Walking
12.00pm: Finish the jungle trekking and break
1.00pm: Free activity
2.00pm: Depart to Sunway
2.30pm: Arrive Sunway

‘Stuff to bring’ by participants:

     1. Personal Medication (Important and to be notified to the committee or the event organiser
     2. Water/ Snacks

Short briefing will be conducted a week before the event.
*First aid kit is provided by the club and FRIM.

If interested to join, please email your details (full name, contact number, emergency contact number, IC number / passport) to

Berkelah Waterfall Trip Pictures

Berkelah Waterfall Semester 1 2011
Kung Fu style
Glider style
Floating style
Sliding style
Scary style
Hands-on-hip style
Final style!!!

Watermelon style

Caving at Dark Caves

Event Details
Date : 8 May 2011 (Sunday)
Venue : Dark Caves, Batu Caves, Selangor.
Estimated participants : 20 club members
Transportation : Car pool
Estimated cost (Per Head): RM 40

Brief Details
Dark Caves, Batu Caves are situated 12 kilometres from the capital city Kuala Lumpur. Made up of a 2 km leading passage and five chambers, the Dark Cave forms one of nature’s most fragile and unique eco-systems. The participants need to do mud crawling, creep, climb,and slide during the activity.

(Items to be bring by the participant)
1. Extra rations
2. Towels
3. Change clothes

Program Tentative
Sunday (8 May 2011)
9.30 am Gather at Monash University
9.45 am Depart to Batu Caves
10.30 am Arrive at Batu Caves
10.45 am Briefing and preparation
11.00 am Start caving activity
3.00 pm Finish caving
3.15 pm Depart to Monash University
4.00 pm Arrive at Monash University

If interested, kindly email details to please =)

Mount Liang Hiking Trip

We present to you another hiking trip that will be conducted during the semester break. This will be our last and probably the toughest hiking trip after Mount Nuang and Mount Datuk. Places are limited, so please be hurry.

Mount Liang
-Height: 1933m
-Is a twin mountain, with two peaks that shared the same base
-Situated at Tanjung Malim, Perak

Events Details

Date       : 29 April- 1 May 2011
Venue  : Mount Liang, Tanjung Malim, Perak.
Estimated participants       : 15 participants.
Equipment  : Club equipment (Fly sheets, Ground Sheets, Tents, Ropes, Lanterns)
Estimated cost  : RM100 including insurance

Programs Tentative
29 April 2011

3.00 pm- Gather at Monash University Sunway Campus
3.30 pm- Short briefing and last gears and equipments check
4.00 pm- Depart from Monash University Sunway Campus
7.00 pm- Arrive at Tanjung Malim and dinner
8.00 pm- Depart to the camping site at Sg Dara
9.00 pm- Reach at the camping site and setup the tents
10.00 pm- Sleep

30 April 2011

4.00 am- Packing and start hiking
1.00 pm- Arrive at second campsite and setup tent
2.00 pm- Lunch and rest
4.00 pm- Start hiking to summit
6.00 pm- Arrive at the summit and watch sunset
8.00 pm- Hiking down to the campsite
10.00 pm- Arrive at the campsite and dinner
11.00 pm- Sleep

1 May 2011

7.00 am- Breakfast, games and activities
8.00 am- Self-cleaning, shower, collect rubbish and start packing
9.00 am- Depart from camping site
3.00 pm- Arrive at the base of Mount Liang and depart to Monash University
6.00 pm- Reach at Monash University

‘Stuff to bring’ by participants

1.     Personal Medication (Important and to be notify to the committee or the event organizer)
2.     Clothes for 3 days
3.     Insect repellent (optional)
4.     Torch Light / Headlamp
5.     Rain coat (optional)
6.     Foods and beverages

*First aid kit is provided by the club


All participants are advice to take care of themselves and always move in groups. They are also required to notify their friends or the event organizer if they were to go anywhere although with company. The trekking track is small but obvious. There are few small rivers before the hikers can met with rocky river. The rocky river is the last river before reaching the summit of Mount Liang. There are two summits of Mount Liang which are East Mount Liang and West Mount Liang. These two summits can be seen through PLUS highway from Tanjung Malim to Slim River. The view of Bandar Proton can be clearly seen from the summit.

If interested to join, please email your details (full name, contact number, emergency contact number, IC number / passport) to

Berkelah Waterfall Trip in Pahang

This is an invitation to the most exciting event this semester. Worry not about the assignment because it is the mid semester break. No more excuse for not joining us for this event. A big pool is waiting for us with a magnificent waterfall.
Brief Description
Bekelah Waterfall is located Maran Pahang which take about 4 hours travel by bus to a local mosque of Kampung Gong, located opposite of the Jabatan Bekalan Air office which is usually used as a temporary stop, gathering and pick up point before heading to the waterfall. Karak highway is used and exit to the Maran - Kuantan road. The mosque is slightly pass Maran town.

A one tonne lorry will be used to transport the participants to the starting point which will take about 20 minutes from the mosque. Then, the journey continues with a 2 hour trekking along the dry riverbed and inside Bekelah Reserve Forest to reach the 7th pool. Campsite for the participant will be nearby the 7th pool, observed as the best and safest spot in the area. The trekking is along rocky surface, and on some places is very slippery. Participants are to be aware and reminded of this condition.

The tall waterfall
The big pool
Awesome view
Time to chill
Time to have fun
Time to eat marshmallow

Click on the link to see more pictures from our previous trip to Berkelah

Events Details
Date   : 22nd till 24th April 2011
Venue   : Berkelah Waterfall, Maran, Pahang
Estimated Participants : 40 club members
Estimated Cost  : RM 70 including insurance

‘Stuff to bring’ by participants

1.     Personal Medication (Important and to be notify to the committee or the event organizer)
2.     Sleeping bag and Rubber mat ( to ensure a good night sleep)
3.     Clothes for two days and trekking shoes
4.     Insect repellent (optional)
5.     Torch Light
6.     Life jackets, Float tube
7.     Goggles
8.     Personal emergency kits if possible
9.     Proper jungle trekking shoes and slippers are stricly prohibited

*First aid kit is provided by the club

Programs Tentative

22nd April 2011
10.30 pm Gather at Monash University, Sunway
11:00 pm Short safety gears and equipments briefing
11:30 pm Final gear and equipments check

23rd April 2011
12:00 am Head to Maran, Pahang
5.00 am Arrive in Maran, Pahang
7.00 am Lorry scale trekking from first point to campsite
10.00 am Reach targeted campsite at Berkelah Waterfall
10.30 am Tent setup
11.30 am Swimming at the waterfall
12.30 pm Start cooking
1.00 pm Lunch
2.00 pm Have a good rest and sleep
5.00 pm Swimming at the waterfall
5.30 pm Flying fox
7.00 pm Start preparing dinner
8.00 pm Dinner
11.45 pm Sleep

24th April 2011
8.00 am Swimming at the waterfall
8.30 am Flying fox
10.30 am Start preparing lunch
11.30 am Lunch
12:00 pm Start packing up and collect all rubbish
1.00 pm Start trekking back to first point
3.00 pm Arrive at the first point
3.30 pm Head back to Kampung Gong mosque by lorry
5.00 pm Head back to Kuala Lumpur
9.00 pm Arrive in Sunway

*Usage of life jacket is compulsary in any of the above activities to avoid any unwanted accident.

If interested to join, please email your details (full name, contact number, emergency contact number, IC number / passport) to

Mount Biking At Putrajaya

A day after the nature walk in FRIM, we are back in action with mountain biking in Putrajaya. This is the first time that the club will be conducting this type of events. To those who are interested in biking inside the jungle with challenging terrain are welcomed to join this activity. No need to bring your bicycle! Just rent it at the Putrajaya Challenge Park in Precint 5, Putrajaya.

Event Details
Date: 2nd April 2011
Venue: Putrajaya Challenge Park
Estimated participants: 20 participants.
Transportation: Carpool
Estimated cost: RM 30
*Equipment of mountain bikes for all students is provided by the Putrajaya Challenge Park.

17 April 2011
9.00 am- Gather at Monash University Sunway Campus
10.00 am- Depart from Monash University Sunway Campus
11.15 a.m- Reach Putrajaya Challenge Park
11.30 a.m- Start mountain biking according to trails
2.00 p.m – Lunch
4.00 p.m – End Mountain biking
4.30 p.m – Depart to Monash University Sunway Campus
5.45 p.m – Reach Monash University Sunway Campus

‘Stuff to bring’ by participants:

     1. Personal Medication (Important and to be notified to the committee or the event organiser    
     2. Water/ Snacks

*First aid kit is provided by the club

If interested to join, please email your details (full name, contact number, emergency contact number, IC number / passport) to

Wall climbing Week 6 Pictures

Picture credit to Midin.

Participant: Azwan, Basyir, Chrystina, Jason, Sharment, Pheobe, Laila, Millie, Afiq,, Amirul, Rahman

Short briefing by our instructor.
A little bit of demonstration.
Warming up.
 Our instructor/trainer/belayer.
Our belayer.
In action.
Sunset pose.
Group photo. 
Participants + trainer.

P.S: Join us for the next wall climbing trip on week 8. 
Maybe in Putrajaya Challenge Park.