MWA Broga Hills Report

Day: Sunday
Date: 6th September 2009
Location: Broga Hills, Semenyih, Selangor
Cost: RM15 per person (RM20 for non-members (automatic upgrade to member status) and members who haven't paid their membership fee)

Gears & Equipments
1. Headlamp / torchlight
2. Insect repellent
3. Suitable shoes for hiking
4. Food and drinks
5. Great attitude
6. Thick clothes / sweater

Program manager: Nurul Nadia
Contact: 017-2434125

6th September 2009 (Sunday)
3.00 am: Depart from Sunway
4.00 am: Arrive at starting point. Start the hike.
5.30 am: Arrive at the crest. Sahur for the Muslims. Sunrise watching.
8.00 am: Start the journey back down to the parking area.
9.00 am: Drive back to Monash.
10.00 am: Arrive in Sunway city

MWAC Mount Nuang Report

Date: 30th & 31st August 2009
Location: Mount Nuang, Hulu Langat, Selangor
Estimated climbers: 25
Estimated cost: RM 25.00

For further information and inquiries please contact our project manager
Name: Hasanul Asyraf
Contact: 019-5256146
Course: Engineering

Gear and Equipments
1. Headlight / Torchlight
2. Sweater
3. Hand gloves
4. Comfortable t-shirts
5. Suitable shoes
6. Sleeping bag
7. Sufficient money
8. Mineral water
9. Extra tent (optional)
10. Extra foods and chocolates

30th August 2009 (Sunday)

3.00 am Gather at Monash University
4.00 am Depart from Monash University
5.30 am Arrive at Hutan Lipur Gunung Nuang
6.00 am Start hiking to Kem Lolo (Campsite)
9.00 am Setup tent
12.00 pm Lunch preparation
2.00 pm Lunch
3.00 pm Ice breaking
5.00 pm Swimming
7.00 pm Dinner preparation
8.00 pm Dinner
9.00 pm Games & activities
12.00 pm Sleep

31st August 2009 (Monday)

4.00 am Wake up
4.30 am Prepare breakfast
5.00 am Breakfast
5.30 am Start hiking to summit
9.30 am Arrive at summit
10.30 am Head back to campsite
1.00 pm Lunch preparation
2.00 pm Lunch
3.00 pm Swimming
4.00 pm Clean campsite and start to climb down
5.30 pm Arrive at Hutan Lipur Gunung Nuang entrance
6.30 pm Arrive back in Monash University, Sunway