MWA e-magazine article

Located in a typical Malay village of Kampung Bengok, about 15 kilometers from Simpang Ampat Tol Exit, in the outskirt of Rembau, lies Gunung Datuk, a legendary peak with the height of 870 meters or 2,900 feet.

At the foothill, you will cross a small stream of waterfall to begin your climb. The first 10 minutes was sheer walking and later followed by 70 to 90 degrees of ascending trail. Interlocking of bare roots and rocks challenged your fitness and perseverance along the way. Your heart started pumping frantically. So, think twice before you decide to climb! After 50 minutes, you will reach the 1st check point. Well, that too depends on how well you can go. After approximately one and half hour of worthy perspiration and tough climb, you will reach the peak. Enormous boulders and small steel ladders are the end of your climb. Adjacent to the peak is a cozy cave that is the home to mediators. The picturesque view of the land below and the open sky will surely promise you an awesome breathtaking moments. Gushes of cool icy breeze may chill your cheeks! The sound of Mother Nature (chatters of monkeys) is the music to your ears.

On a bright sunny day, you are lucky to see ships sailing along the Straits of Malacca while the local train passing through the oil palm and rubber plantation amidst the kampung. The facilities provided like chalets, camping sites, toilets, car parking lots are satisfactory and certificates are even issued upon request. For city folks, health conscious individuals or nature-lover clubs, this is the best getaway from the buzzing city.