Mount Datuk Hiking Trip

We are going for another round of hiking trip. This time it is Mount Datuk in Negeri Sembilan. To those of you who missed out on our first hiking trip, do come to this trip.
-The height of the mountain: 700m++
-Time taken to hike: 2.5 hours
Date : 9 April 2011
Venue : Mount Datuk, Negeri Sembilan
Estimated participants : 40 participants.
Equiptment : Club equipments
Estimated cost : RM30
Method of transportation : Bus

9 April 2011
1.30 am- Gather at Monash University Sunway Campus
2.00 am- Depart from Monash University Sunway Campus
4.30 am- Arrive at the starting point
5.00 am- Equipment checking and last briefing. Start hiking
7.00 am- Arrive at summit. Watch sunrise. Breakfast.
9.00 am- Start descend to the starting point
12.00 am- Start going back to Sunway

Stuff to bring’ by participants
  1. Personal Medication (Important and to be notify to the committee or the event organizer
  2. Insect repellent (optional)
  3. Torch Light
  4. Rain coat (optional)
  5. Foods and baverages (extra)
*First aid kit is provided by the club

If interested to join, please email your details (full name, contact number, emergency contact number, IC number / passport) to