MWA Bukit Tabur Report

Date: 8th & 9th August 2009
Day: Saturday & Sunday
Location: Ampang, Selangor
Fees: RM10

First trip was on 8th August 2009, Saturday
Second trip was on 9th August 2009, Sunday

Hello MWA members, please be extremely careful when climbing Bukit Tabur because most of the tracks there are rocky and challenging. Make sure you follow your guide steps and call them if you need any help or support. Dont forget to bring your own breakfast and water when you go there. Meet you at the summit :)

Bukit Tabur is a quarzt/limestone ridge, with height of less than 1000 metres (that's why it is a hill). However, do not be fooled by the word 'Hill'. The climb requires moderate fitness and a high level of vigilance, as a wrong step fall may be detrimental. Seasoned climber may finish the hike in less than 2 hours, while beginners may find themselves taking up to 5 hours.

The ridge are made up of several peaks. There were some rock climbing involved, all of which each MWA climbers succeeded (Congratulations!). Their hard work paid off with the magnificent view from the peaks.

The path down, on the other hand, is considerably easy, going through an orchard. You can actually see jackfruits, durian etc around if they are in season.

Gear and Equipments
1. Suitable shoes for hiking
2. Torchlight or headlamp
3. Mineral water
4. Light breakfast at summit
5. Mosquito repellent
6. Sweater or thick clothes
7. Hand Glove
8. Long sleeve t-shirt recommended

Program Schedule
4.00am Gather at Sunway Pyramid
4.30am Head to Bukit Tabur, Gombak, Selangor
5.15am Start Climbing
6.50am Reach summit, sunrise watch and breakfast, take pictures :)
9.00am Climb down
11.00am Head back to Sunway Pyramid, Subang Jaya

First Trip
1. Wan Rizzal Wan Zaki (Rizzal) -Guide-
2. Muhyiddin Ya'arop (Midin) -Guide-
3. Nur Uzair Jais (Uzair) -Guide-
4. Nia -Guide-
5. Foo Julian
6. Marshella
7. Pua Ming Terng
8. Wong Meng Kiat
9. Low Ken Chief
10. Cheng Kai Wei
11. Jinisha a/p Srigantha
12. Aliff Izuddin (Alep) -Guide-
13. Averyl Byrne
14. Scarlett Killary
15. Goh Jia Ee
16. Prem Anand
17. Benjamin Yue
18. Alain Iylia Adnan (Allen) -Guide-

*Pictures credit to Kurt Low

Second Trip

1. Abdul Halim Yahya (Halim) -Guide-
2. Alain Iylia Adnan (Allen) -Guide-
3. Azmielia -Guide-
4. Auni Nur Fatin
5. Amylin Gan
6. Claire Lhériteau
7. Athénaïs Delacour
8. Fitri Ilma Naviati
9. Heri
10. Ayesha Aumeeruddy
11. Suhaizal -Guide-
12. Shahid
13. Nia -Guide-
14. Hun Seang
15. Nishika Fonseka
16. Muhyiddin Ya'arop (Midin) -Guide-
17. Afiq
18. Nishika
*pictures credit to Midin