MWAC Pantai Puteri, Mount Datuk & Kolam Air Panas Gadek report

Date: 1st & 2nd August 2009
Day: Saturday & Sunday
Location: Pantai Puteri, MountDatuk, & Kolam Air Panas Gadek

Pantai Puteri
Tangga Batu, Malacca

Pantai Puteri is a famous beach located near the Petronas oil refinery in Malacca. This beach located near Pantai Klebang in middle of Malacca city. The beach is an ideal camping spot where there are a lot of trees to setup tent and shelter. Beautiful view emerge during the evening where sunset and light coming from the refinery place hit the beach.

Mount Datuk
Height: 2,912 feets / 870 metres
Location: Rembau, Negeri Sembilan
Climbing Fee: RM3.00 each climber + public toilet

Gunung Datuk is a famous training ground for local climbers from Negeri Sembilan and Malacca. The sunrise view is awesome and the air there is way too refreshing. Sweater or thick cloth is important since the wind blowing is strong and low temperature can cause you to shake drastically. The summit is the most challenging track to reach. You have to climb steel ladders and rope to reach the biggest rock at the summit top. But it all worth it. Its a 360 degree view when you stand there. But be extremely careful because the rocks there are steep and once you fall theres no other place to grab on. Climb usually start at 3.00 am in the morning. The climbing duration usually takes about less than two hour depend on your speed and stamina. It gets harder if the track is wet and rain heavily.

Kolam Air Panas Gadek
Location: Alor Gajah, Malacca

Gear and Equipments
1. Headlight / Torchlight
2. Sweater
3. Hand Gloves
4. Comfortable t-shirts
5. Suitable shoes
6. Sleeping bag
7. Sufficient money
8. Mineral water

1st August 2009 Saturday
3.00 pm Gather at SS14/8F house no.16
4.00 pm Head to Malacca
7.00 pm Arrived in Alai, Malacca for Ikan Bakar fiesta

Alai now is another alternative spot to find cheap and delicious seafood instead of Umbai in Malacca. There are lot of restaurant there offering deliriously delicious seafood cooking served with local traditional rice, Nasi Lemak. The place is crowded during weekend where people from Singapore, KL, and other part of Malaysia come there to self experience the tasty cooking skills. Some food taste good if you choose the correct cooking menu and some might taste a bit weird for newcomers. Overall, two thumbs up for the foods there. Delicious and cheap!

10.00 pm Head to Pantai Puteri, Malacca
10.30 pm Tent setup and light supper
11.00 pm Have a good rest & sleep...zzz

2nd August 2009 Sunday
4.30 am Head to Gunung Datuk, Negeri Sembilan
5.00 am Start Climbing
7.00 am Reach summit, subuh prayer & sunrise watching
7.30 am Breakfast at summit (RM2)
8.30 am Climb down
9.30 am Arrived at Gunung Datuk car park
10.30 am Head to Air Panas Gadek, Alor Gajah
3.00 pm Head back to Sunway, Subang Jaya

Male participants

1. Muhyiddin Ya'arop (Midin)
2. Wan Rizzal Wan Zaki (Rizzal)
3. Amir Hamzah (Amir)
4. Nur Uzair Jais (Uzair)
5. Amin Jamil (Amin)
6. Hasanul Asyraf (Shenol)
7. Nik Ali (Nick)
8. Qamarul Hafiz (Bob)
9. Muhammad Fareez Ismail (Fareez)
10. Azroy (Roy)
11. Norsham Hazriq (Syam)
12. Faiz (Peoz)
13. Muhd Hariz Zulkarnain (Harith)
14. Aliff Izuddin (Alep)
15. Mohd Naim Fadhli (Naim)
16. Omar Mokhtar (Omar)
17. Salleh (Salleh)
18. Wan Mohd Nabil (Wan)
19. Mohd Mokhlis (Mokhlis)
20. Muhd Alif Muadz (Alif)
21. Hafiz (popo)
22. Asyraf Noordin (Acabx)

Female participants

1. Noorshamsiah Maarof (Umi)
2. Nurul syuhada Abu Bakar (Syukey)
3. Nadiah Karim (Nad)
4. Noraniza Mahawi (Niza)
5. Nadia (Nia)
6. Mardiana Radzi (Mar)
7. Ainil Hawa (Ainil)
8. Zahirah Al Atta Soo (Zera)
9. Mastura (Mas)
10. Intan Liana (Intan)
11. Norul Amalina (Mayna)
12. Farawahida Ghazali (Jelly)
13. Juwairiah Dahlia Alias (Ju)
14. Nor Hafizah Mohamed Yusof (Fizah)
15. Amin's friend (Elly)
16. Farah Hanum (Hanum)
17. Suraya Yacob (Sue)

Food & Drinks
Estimated food and drink cost for each person is less than RM5. True amount will be announced later and payment must be made within three days period after the trip ends. Cost for the Ikan Bakar feast is to be settled separately, after the dinner itself.

Abdul Rahman Hj. Idris
Taman Rekreasi Gunung Datuk
Kampung Batang Nyamor
71350 Kota Rembau,
Negeri Sembilan

Trekking permit: RM1.00 per person
Permit campsite: RM3.00 per tent

*Pictures credit to uzair


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2 samurians up the hill!

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