MWAC Kanching Waterfalls Report

Sungai Kanching is located in Rawang, Selangor. The place is famous with its natural waterfall scenery and wildlife animals. The waterfalls are usually crowded with people during weekends and there is only limited ideal swimming spot for picnickers. The water is cold and refreshing. It helps to ease your stress away. There are some parking spaces provided and you have to pay about RM3.00 for parking. You can see monkeys everywhere when you enter through the main gate. Be very careful with your things because they can steal things swiftly. There are also public toilet provided but you still have to pay RM0.30 per entry.

26th July 2009
Day: Sunday
Time: 7.00 am - 4.00 pm
Location: Sungai Kanching, Rawang, Selangor
Picnickers list:
Male participants
1. Amin Jamil (Amin)
2. Alain Iylia Adnan (Alen)
3. Wan Rizzal Wan Zaki (Rizzal)
4. Muhyiddin Ya'arop (Midin)
5. Hasanul Asyraf (Shenol)
6. Nur Uzair Jais (Uzey)
7. Nik Ali (Nik)
8. Mohd Naim Fadhli (Naim)
9. Qamarul Hafiz (Bob)
10. Nik Hakim
11. Naza (Kia)
12. Hariz Zulkarnain
13. Sham Hazriq (Eric)

Female participants
1. Noraniza Mahawi (Niza)
2. Nor Amalina (Mayna)
3. Nia
4. Hanisah Ibak (Nisa)
5. Norazmilia Azmay (Milie)
6. Ainil Hawa Jasni (Ainil)
7. Ismawarni (Mawar)

Petrol cost: RM 15 x 4 cars
(Except Rizzal because he decided to treat us)
Highway toll: RM3.20 x 4 cars
Total:RM72.80 / 20 individuals = RM3.64
Total cost for one person: RM3.50 per person (please pay to Rizzal)

Thanks to Rizzal for his kindness and cost estimation :)

*Pictures credit to Harith & Alen


Midin said...

Alain's coolest underwater shot!

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comel gila xley blah!

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nice n hot!

Azraf Hipni said...

pakai cam ape utk amek pic underwater tu ek?

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canon d10