MWAC Tanjung Bidara and Mount Ledang Report

Date: 17th, 18th and 19th July 2009
Day: Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Location: Tanjung Bidara & Mount Ledang

Tanjung Bidara
Location: Masjid Tanah, Malacca
Tanjung Bidara is another famous beach in Malacca. Many local fishing village located there and we can buy all the fresh catch directly from the local fisherman. The sunset view is very mesmerizing and the morning air is cold refreshing.

Mount Ledang
Highest mountain in Johor Darul Takzim. There are two different climbing tracks available. First climbing track is Gate A entrance, Saqil, Tangkak, Johor and the second climbing track is Gate B entrance, Asahan, Malacca.

Tangkak, Johor Darul Takzim
Height:1,276 metres
Summit temperature: 10-20 degrees Celsius
Climbing duration: 12 hours!!! (up & down)

17th July 2009 (Friday)

3.00pm Gather at Monash
3.30pm Head to Malacca
5.00pm Camping at Tanjung Bidara, Malacca.
BBQ price (RM5 for each person)
9.00pm Campfire
10.00pm Games session
11.00pm Spell-It-Right (SIR)
12.00am Crab Midnight Hunting
1.00am Sleep...zzz

18th July 2009 (Saturday)
7.30am Swimming at sea
7.50am Breakfast
8.30am Head to Asahan, Malacca, Gate B entrance
10.00am Tent setup at booked camping spot
1.00pm Lunch
3.00pm Chit Chat and play games
5.00pm Swimming at waterfall
8.00pm Dinner
9.00pm Sleep...zzz
12.00am First breakfast

19th July 2009 (Sunday)

1.00am Start climbing with two hired guides
7.00am Watch sunrise at the summit. Second breakfast
10.00am Head back to Asahan, Malacca, Gate B campsite
2.00pm Lunch
3.00pm Pack up and clean camping site
4.00pm Farewell & Enjoy new semester :)

Male Participants
1. Muhyiddin Ya'arop (Midin)
2. Zul Khairy (Tokya)
3. Wan Rizzal Wan Zaki (Rizzal)
4. Abdul Halim (Halim)
5. Alain Iylia Adnan (Alen)
6. Muhammad Faiz (Peoz)
7. Naim Fadhli (Naim)
8. Hasanul Asyraf (Shenol)

Female Participants
1. Noorshamsiah Maarof (Umi)
2. Nurul Syuhada Abu Bakar (Syukey)
3. Intan Liana (Intan)
4. Nor Azmilia Nor Azmay (Milie)
5. Mardiana Radzi (Mar)
6. Noraniza Mahawi (Niza)
7. NorAmalina (Maina)
8. Aini Syazwani (Onnie)

Rangers Information
Ranger contact details: Imran = 019-6677922
Ranger Office: 019-7772057
Ranger price: 1 Ranger = RM 140.00 for 10 participants / RM 14.00 for each person in the group
Rangers available: Two
Climbers: Limited to 20 persons

Climbing fee: RM 3.00 each
Climbing permit: RM 3.00 each
Insurance: RM 1.00 each
Total: RM 7.00

Climbing fee: RM 5.00 each
Climbing permit: RM 5.00 each
Insurance: RM 2.00 each
Total: RM 12.00

Certificate: RM 10.00 each person

Campsite: You have to register at the Ranger Office for all the equipment and foods that you bring. You have to pay RM3/person for campsite and RM100 for deposit.

Some rules when you enter the Gunung Ledang is :
1. You have to register at Ranger Office
2. You have to bring back all the plastics and paper that you bring in. The Ranger will check all the things to make sure the number is correct. If not you will lose your deposit and you have to pay RM10 per item that you lose.
3. You are not allowed to camp at Summit and decent through the Telekom Station Way