Trans TT report 2

Hye, here is the report for Trans TT part 2,...

3/7/2009 (Friday)
8.30 am: Wake up call..
9.30 am: Starts the journey to Puncak Gayung (estimated 2 hours)
11.00 am: Arrived at Puncak Gayung (2177 meters)... take pictures, lunch.
11.30 am: Head to Junction (the other name for this junction is puncak Bubu)
3.00 pm: Arrived at the junction. Trail to Yong Belar and Yong Yap could be seen. We are heading for Yong Belar summit.

At this point, the rain starts falling. We have to wait for the others for about 1 hour. The place which originally cold became colder and all of us shivering like hell. Huhu.

4.00 pm: Starts our journey down the mountain to head for the valley where our campsite is located (Kem Lembah). 2 hours of down3!. Slippery trails, rain won't stop, Rizzal was mentally down. :(
6.30 pm: Arrived at Kem Lembah. Settled down. Some of us fell asleep straight away while some were preparing dinner.
9.00 pm: Dinner! Spaghetti and tembikai!! (Finally, no more burden)
9.30 pm: Sleeepppp... a very gudnite sleepp... Phew~

4/7/2009 (Saturday)
10.00 am: Breakfast. Nasi Lemak Daun Pisang! YummY!
1.00 pm: Starts our journey to the third and the last summit. (Yong Belar summit)
4.30 pm: Arrived at last waterpoint before the summit.

At this point, the wind blews like it won't stop, the rain starts falling. Worst, we were told that it is much colder at the summit.

5.30 pm: Finally, we arrived at the last summit. Yong Belar (2180 meters)

It was really cold! Super duper cold! Much colder compared to Korbu and the previous water point.

6.30 pm: We were told that our plan to head straight for Kem Tepong is cancelled. So, we had to overnight at the summit. Suffer.

7.30 pm: Everyone else arrived, settled down.
9.45 pm: Dinner.
10.00 pm: Sleep.

5/7/2009 (Sunday)
I'm too tired now. Just went back from Kanching waterfall. Will update later.. Got to go! chow.