Trans TT Report

4 MWACkers went to the ultimate trans titiwangsa expidition last 30/6/2009 till 6/7/2009. These are their names:
  1. Wan Rizzal bin Wan Zaki (Sautasau)
  2. Abdul Halim bin Yahya (Jantan Sikit)
  3. Alain Iliya bin Adnan (Nangka)
  4. Nur Uzair bin Jais (Sangkut)
Throughout the week of the expedition, they have gone through suffer, pain, loss and gain. But, they also acheived their goal of conquering one of the hardest expedition in Malaysia which includes 3 out of 7 of the highest summit in Peninsular Malaysia. One week of suffers definitely pay its price as the 4 MWACkers and other 17 ARC-IIUM members saw with their own eyes the beauty of the God's creation from a view that most people could have not seen, on top of the world it is.

30/6/2009 (Tuesday)
10 am: The 4 MWACkers starts their expedition. Thanks to Alep for sending the four to the KTM station.
12.05 pm: We arrived at Pudu bus station.
12.30 pm: The expedition starts as the bus departed.
2.00 pm: We arrived at Gopeng bus station. Have a little drink to quench our thirst.
3.30 pm: Went to Ulu Kinta Dam by taxi.
5.00 pm: All 21 members were loaded into a four wheels and we headed to our first base camp, Kem Dusun.
6.30 pm: Settled down, play cards and dinner. (At this point, we could already see people bitten by the leeches.)
10 pm: Gud nite sleep~ \(^0^)/

1/7/2009 (Wednesday)
9.00 am: Starts hiking although we were told to start the hiking at 8.00 am yesterday. Lots of leeches and the hike starts with a steep trail as introduction.
1.00 pm: Arrived at Batu Hampar. Our lunch = Nasi goreng, Leeches lunch = Us. The rise of the green leeches.!!!
1.30 pm: Rest a while at an amazing waterfall. (couldn't remember the name of the place)
3.30 pm: We arrived at our campsite (Kem Seroja). The name was given indicating the presence of a lady named Seroja at the campsite. Settle down. Hi-Tea, Tea and keropok sayur!.

During this period of time, Alain mocked himself. We called him 'nangka' since the case where he fell down from his hammock. (Nangka = jackfruit)

9.00 pm: Dinner
10.00 pm: Sleep

2/7/2009 (Thursday)
8.00 am: Starts hiking. Rizzal was attacked by 3 leeches in less than 1 minutes. Owning!
10.00 am: Arrived at Kem Kijang.
1.00 pm: Arrived at kem H2O. Lunch. Prepare for the most suffer part in the expedition. We were welcomed by the existence of two unexpected souveniours. Very colourful.
1.30 pm: Halim and Alain became the tanker as they fill in 10 liter of water in their bags while Uzair fills 5 liter of water. Rizzal: padan muke korng!.
2.00 pm: Starts back the journey to the first summit (Korbu).
4.00 pm: Arrived at Puncak Botak (a place where we can see the Korbu summit and 2 other false summit. Most of us do our prayer here)
5.00 pm: It starts raining, the trail gets more slippery and steeper. Rock climbing, trees climbing, all included. Just imagine carrying heavy bags while climbing a 90 degree clift. pheww!!

In between this period of time, lots of unimagine things happened. Sautasau by Rizzal, 10 minutes plan by Uzair.For more detail, ask us personally.

6.30 pm: We arrived at the summit! Korbu summit (2183 meters)! It was freezing cold! Settle down.
9.00 pm: Dinner. (Tom Yam and blackpaper beaf with rice)... YUMMY!!!
10.00 pm: Not a very gud sleep. :(. before we slept, we play games and that is when Halim was scolded. (Jantan sikittt!!) hehe.. At this point also, Uzair expose himself to a 'point'. Ops, sangkutt!

As the report is too long, i'll divide the post into two parts. Keep reading yah!


niachrysalis said...

unexpected souveniours?

Halim said...

hoho..the least expected souveniours to be found...hahah