Mount Nuang Hiking Trip


This weekend we will be conducting the Mount Nuang Hiking Trip is Hulu Langat, Selangor. It is about 2 hours drive from Sunway.

- Mount Nuang Hiking trip will be held under Manggis Wild Adventure.
- Trails(estimated time taken to reach): Starting point --> Lolo Campsite(2) --> Pacat Campsite(2) --> Summit(2)
- The height of the summit is around 1400 meters above sea level
- Regular training spot for hikers going to climb G7 (Seven highest mountain in peninsular Malaysia)
- Water supply only available at Lolo Campsite (our campsite)

Details for the trip
Date : 25 – 26 March 2011
Venue : Mount Nuang, Hulu Langat, Selangor.
Estimated participants : 20 participants.
Equiptment : Club equipments
Estimated cost : RM30
Method of transportation : Car pool

25 February 2011
4.30 pm- Gather at Monash University Sunway Campus
5.00 pm- Short briefing and last gears and equipments check
5.30 pm- Depart from Monash University Sunway Campus
7.00 pm- Arrive at the starting point
8.00 pm- Equipment checking and last briefing. Start hiking
10.00 pm- Arrive at the campsite area. Setup tents. Dinner
11.00 pm- Sleep

26 February 2011
4.00 am-Start hiking to the summit
6.00 am- Arrive at Pacat Camp for short break.
9.00 am- Reach the summit.
10.00 am- Start to descend
2.00 pm- Arrive at campsite. Lunch.
3.00 pm- Descend to starting point
6.00 pm- Clean up.
7.00 pm- Head back to Sunway.

Stuff to bring’ by participants
  1. Personal Medication (Important and to be notify to the committee or the event organizer)
  2. Clothes for 3 days
  3. Insect repellent (optional)
  4. Torch Light
  5. Rain coat (optional)
  6. Foods and baverages (extra)
*First aid kit is provided by the club

If interested to join, please email your details (full name, contact number, emergency contact number, IC number / passport) to