Upcoming activities for this semester

This is what we offer to you guys this semester (starting in week 3)...

Week 3 - Hiking trip to Broga Hill

Week 4 - Mount Nuang Hiking Trip

Week 5 - Quadbiking in Kemensah Forest

Week 6 - Mount Datuk Hiking Trip

Week 7 - FRIM Nature Walk & Mount Biking in Putrajaya Challenge Park

Week 8 - Berkelah Waterfall Trip

Week 9 - Sungai Chilling Trip

Week 10 - Caving Trip in Gombak

Week 11 - Skytrex Trip

Week 12 - End of Semester Party!!!

Note: Visit us at the MWAC booth during this CNS Week and join us for this semester to have a chance of experiencing all these great adventures. 

P.S: Credit to all the photographers for all the pictures that is used in this post.