Quadbiking Trip


This is the detail of the event that going to be organized on week 5:

Date: 2 April 2011
Venue : ATV Adventure Park, Kg Kemensah, Hulu Kelang,KL.
Estimated participants: 17 club members
Transportation: Car pool
Cost: RM180 including travel insurance and transportation fee

All safety and rules and regulation during the activity will be supervised by professional ATV provider

This is the package C that we will enjoy:
1 1/2 - 2 hours offroad ride to Sofea Jane Waterfall
A very enjoyable and ideal ride for nature lovers... At the end of the journey, take a dip in the cold water

(Items to be bring by the participant)
1.      Extra rations
2.      Towels
3.      Change clothes

Person in Charge: Faris Anis Sofhan Saiful-llah
Contact no: 012-9727262
Email :adventure@musa.monash.edu.

Welcome Email


As of today, you should have gotten 2 emails from the club. One is a welcoming email and the other is an invitation to the Mount Nuang Hiking trip. If you have not gotten any emails or your friend is not getting any emails, please let us know by emailing us at adventure@musa.monash.edu.my.

Note: We may have made a mistake in keying in your emails or some of you may have such a delicate handwriting that we couldn't understand what is written on the paper. :)

Mount Nuang Hiking Trip


This weekend we will be conducting the Mount Nuang Hiking Trip is Hulu Langat, Selangor. It is about 2 hours drive from Sunway.

- Mount Nuang Hiking trip will be held under Manggis Wild Adventure.
- Trails(estimated time taken to reach): Starting point --> Lolo Campsite(2) --> Pacat Campsite(2) --> Summit(2)
- The height of the summit is around 1400 meters above sea level
- Regular training spot for hikers going to climb G7 (Seven highest mountain in peninsular Malaysia)
- Water supply only available at Lolo Campsite (our campsite)

Details for the trip
Date : 25 – 26 March 2011
Venue : Mount Nuang, Hulu Langat, Selangor.
Estimated participants : 20 participants.
Equiptment : Club equipments
Estimated cost : RM30
Method of transportation : Car pool

25 February 2011
4.30 pm- Gather at Monash University Sunway Campus
5.00 pm- Short briefing and last gears and equipments check
5.30 pm- Depart from Monash University Sunway Campus
7.00 pm- Arrive at the starting point
8.00 pm- Equipment checking and last briefing. Start hiking
10.00 pm- Arrive at the campsite area. Setup tents. Dinner
11.00 pm- Sleep

26 February 2011
4.00 am-Start hiking to the summit
6.00 am- Arrive at Pacat Camp for short break.
9.00 am- Reach the summit.
10.00 am- Start to descend
2.00 pm- Arrive at campsite. Lunch.
3.00 pm- Descend to starting point
6.00 pm- Clean up.
7.00 pm- Head back to Sunway.

Stuff to bring’ by participants
  1. Personal Medication (Important and to be notify to the committee or the event organizer)
  2. Clothes for 3 days
  3. Insect repellent (optional)
  4. Torch Light
  5. Rain coat (optional)
  6. Foods and baverages (extra)
*First aid kit is provided by the club

If interested to join, please email your details (full name, contact number, emergency contact number, IC number / passport) to adventure@musa.monash.edu.my

MWAC Annual General Meeting


You are invited to the club's Annual General Meeting this week.

Date: 17 March 2011
Time: 6.00 PM - 8.00 PM
Place: LT 6005

Tentative for the AGM

6.00 PM - Refreshment
6.30 PM - Introduction by MC
               - Welcoming Speech by the Club's President
               - Introduction of Club's Committee
               - Video montage
               - Future Events Briefing
               - Q&A Session
               - Future Committees Election

Do come to the annual general meeting to know more about the club, how the club operates and how do we organize events. If you are interested in becoming one of us, please let us know.

See you this Thursday!!!

Cancellation of Broga Hill Hiking Trip


We would like to announce that the trip to Broga Hill this Saturday will be canceled.
This is due to the weather forecast prediction that it will be rainy on that day.
That's all for now.

Upcoming activities for this semester

This is what we offer to you guys this semester (starting in week 3)...

Week 3 - Hiking trip to Broga Hill

Week 4 - Mount Nuang Hiking Trip

Week 5 - Quadbiking in Kemensah Forest

Week 6 - Mount Datuk Hiking Trip

Week 7 - FRIM Nature Walk & Mount Biking in Putrajaya Challenge Park

Week 8 - Berkelah Waterfall Trip

Week 9 - Sungai Chilling Trip

Week 10 - Caving Trip in Gombak

Week 11 - Skytrex Trip

Week 12 - End of Semester Party!!!

Note: Visit us at the MWAC booth during this CNS Week and join us for this semester to have a chance of experiencing all these great adventures. 

P.S: Credit to all the photographers for all the pictures that is used in this post.

Welcome Back MWACkers

By Afiq Abd Raman

Welcome back to all MWACkers for the new semester of 2011.

Make sure you guys are prepared for the all the adventures that will be coming this semester...

 Be prepared for stunning views like this...

Or do some abseiling like this...

 Or do something like this maybe...

 Or ride something like this...

Or slide in the water like this..
Or just hangout like this...

Or maybe just dance like this....

Or just smile in the water like this...

Be prepared and join us!!!

Note: If any of the pictures are deemed unsuitable or offensive or just want it to be removed please leave a comment.